About Hypnosis
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I provide a variety of therapies, as listed in the brief summaries shown below. During the course of therapy, we will together decide upon the right therapy, or combination of therapies; the information below is provided in order to give you a quick introduction to what a therapy session could involve. Please use the links below to read further details about these therapies.

Free Initial Consultation

The first stage of any therapy or self-improvement plan.


Used to resolve emotional issues, hypno-analysis is a variation of psychoanalysis, where similar results can be achieved in 6 to 12 sessions, each lasting 50-60 minutes, as would be expected from a more conventional “1000-hour” analysis.

Suggestion Therapy (Hypnosis)

Suggestion therapy is the most "basic" use of hypnosis. It is usually used for problems such as weight control, nail biting, performance enhancement etc. The number of sessions required varies according to the individual client.

Smoking Therapy

Smoking cessation hypnotherapy can make it much easier for you to become a non-smoker. The session usually takes an hour to an hour and a half.

Stress Management

Using a combination of techniques, the stress management program is a way of providing you with skills to help you cope with the stress and stressors in your life, so that you can enjoy living again.

Other Therapies

I use the Emotional Freedom Technique, TAT and Be Set Free Fast alongside, or instead of, those listed above. It all depends on how things progress and what techniques seem most applicable to your individual needs.