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Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion therapy is the 'classic' way of carrying out hypnotherapy. In simple terms, this means that you are guided into hypnosis by the therapist, who then gives you post-hypnotic suggestions. A post-hypnotic suggestion is one whose effects become apparent after you have emerged from hypnosis. For example, the therapist could give you the suggestion: "after you leave here today, you will find that things that previously upset you will now just calm and relax you".

Having defined suggestion therapy, it is now worth considering how it works; a good way to start such an explanation is to explain how it does not work. The popular misconception of hypnotherapy is one in which a hypnotherapist bypasses the client's critical faculties and gives the client some kind of command or instruction that will be carried out as if by magic. Based on the results of stage shows, this belief might seem quite feasible to the untrained eye. However, any such beliefs about mind control or commands are nothing more than pure fantasy. If you disagree with this statement, then please visit the page on stage shows before reading further.

Firstly, the term 'suggestion' is used because the therapist is giving you a choice: you can choose to accept or reject ANY suggestion that is given to you, even when in the deepest state of hypnosis; hence the phrase 'post-hypnotic suggestion'. ANY suggestion towards which you have an emotional resistance will be rejected instantly. Any suggestion towards which you hold no such resistance will be accepted by your mind, and will thus take effect and be realised after the hypnosis; it really is as simple as that.