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The FREE Initial Consultation

The first stage of any treatment is the free of charge initial consultation.  This page will tell you what to expect during this session.

The purpose of the initial consultation

The initial consultation is an opportunity for you to meet me face-to-face in order to:

  1. discuss your particular needs

  2. to learn about the techniques I use and how they can help you 

  3. to ask any questions you would like answered

  4. to see if I am the right therapist for you

As with all sessions, the initial consultation is totally confidential.  If, for any reason, we decide that I cannot help you, then I will try to suggest another therapy or therapist who may be able to help.  If I can help you, then we will discuss a therapy plan, involving the number of sessions, the length of each session and the frequency of sessions.  

This session lasts for about half an hour, and there is no obligation to go ahead with any therapy.  

What to do before the initial consultation

It is worth thinking through your problem, and also a goal for the therapy (in other words, how do you want to be at the end of therapy?)  For example, if you are wanting to lose weight, then what is your target weight or size; if you are suffering from anxiety, then how would you like the way you feel to change?

It will also be useful to read those pages on this site that explain the different therapies.  This will save time at the consultation itself, leaving us more time to discuss you rather than the therapy.

What to bring along to the initial consultation

The only thing you need to bring along is yourself, and another person for 'moral support' if you wish.  Often, it can make you feel more at ease if there is a friend, spouse or relative with you.  However, even if the person who comes with you to the initial consultation was to later ask me anything about you or your progress, then I would still uphold confidentiality and disclose nothing to him or her.

If we do decide to go ahead with therapy, then there may be time for you to do so immediately after the initial consultation.  For this reason, it may be useful for you to bring along the session fee, because this would then give you the option of going ahead with the therapy on that day.